Kickoff for SWARM project

A SWARM of 100 fuel cell vehicles to travel across Europe Hydrogen powered vehicles are considered the future of road transport in Europe but are not widely available for customers in the market today. The European FCH JU funded project SWARM ("Demonstration of Small 4-Wheel fuel cell passenger vehicle Applications in Regional and Municipal transport") has now kicked off.

Hydrogen Highway

The project will lead to a large-scale roll-out of small hydrogen passenger vehicles in three regions of Europe - the British Midlands, the Belgian Brussels and Wallonian regions, and the region Weser-Ems in North West Germany. Each of these regions will receive a state-of-the-art hydrogen filling station which will contribute to the build-up of an uninterrupted 'hydrogen highway' which will allow hydrogen powered vehicles to drive from Scotland to Scandinavia, or Berlin, via the new and existing stations in Aberdeen, London, Hamburg, Cologne, and Copenhagen.

The vehicles in the project are low-cost, high fuel-efficiency passenger cars specifically designed for city and regional transport. They are equipped with electric drives and fuel cells running on hydrogen. As a result, the only exhaust product is water. One kilogram of hydrogen will allow the vehicles to run well over 100 km on a single fast (3 minute) refuelling and at a cost that is comparable to today's petrol vehicles.

Over 90 vehicles built by three European manufacturers will be driven by users in a variety of real-life operating environments. The vehicles will be monitored throughout the 3 year demonstration phase of the project (2014-2016). Their reliability, fuel economy and performance will be evaluated, leading to further improvements and market-ready vehicle designs.

Companies and individuals willing to trial the vehicles during this demonstration stage have the opportunity to enter the future of zero-emission transportation at an early stage are invited to contact us.

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